Himalaya Public School Aurangabad ( affectionately referred to as HPS ), is a private unaided school under the management of the professors working in the educational field. English is the medium of instruction throughout the school for all subjects, except the regional languages.

The aim of the school is to train children to lead full and useful lives through a liberal education and a broad curriculum. They are prepared for the examination as a basis for a career or a profession. We encourage to all students to enter into various activities and provide an opportunity to discover and develop talent. Such activities play an important part in bringing students and staff together outside the classroom and informing a basis for a happy and harmonious mutual understanding so essential, both to a student's steady development as a person and to his academic progress and success.

At HPS we relate education to not only instruction given through books, but a gradual adjustment to the spiritual possessions of the race, with a view to realizing one's own potentialities and to assist in carrying forward our inheritance of ideas, actions and institutions which we call civilization.

The curriculum of the school has been designed to promote the intellectual, social, physical and personal development. In addition to the formal teaching sessions in a day, it includes the hidden curriculum, the relationships and value evident in the ethos of the school. In designing the curriculum of the school we have focused on age specific need of the children and in accordance with early childhood education policies of the government. The curriculum activities that promote the emotional, moral, spiritual and social development along with intellectual development. Read More..